Organizing a Storage Unit for Easy Access

It has happened to all of us. You are having a get together, going on vacation, or planning a sporting event, and you have to go grab that one needed item from your storage unit. You head down to your storage unit, take off the lock, slide open the hasp, lift up the door, and BAM! you are faced with a wall of items and boxes. It just so happens that that one item you need is in the very back of your unit and it isn’t worth your time to plow through the mess.

Taking the time to organize your unit correctly will save you time and anguish in the future. The following ideas will help you get your storage unit in tip-top shape.

  • Organize All of Your Items

Divide all of your items into categories such as Kitchen, Garage, Athletic Equipment, etc.  Then take the next step – further organize your items by size; small, medium, and large.  Now you are read to pack up.

  • Try to Use One Box Size

The size your choose will depend on your specific items, but using one size for your entire unit will help your stack consistently and provide you with that wanted accessibility.  At all Lock It Up Self Storage Location we sell small, medium, large, and extra large boxes, making it easy to find that size that will be perfect for your items.

  • Label It

On the front side of your box write the category in large letters on top, then make a bulleted list of the specific items within the box.  This will make finding that one item that much easier.

  • Stack It

If you are storing furniture, try to stack all your boxes on one wall of your storage unit.  If you are not storing furniture, stack on both side walls.  Be mindful of how high your stack your boxes.  If you are storing long-term, consider using shelving.

Remember that all shelving must be free-standing.  Nailing or screwing into the walls of storage units is not permitted.

  • Bring In the Furniture

If you are storing furniture, place it on the wall opposite of your stacked boxes, leaving an aisle in the middle of your unit.  If you find that you cannot leave and aisle, place the items that are most easy to move in the center.

There you have it!  The next time you have to make a quick run down to your storage you will be in and out quick enough that you won’t miss a beat.

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