Loading Your Moving Truck

When moving your items into a storage unit, loading the moving truck can be the most tedious and cumbersome part of the process.  Improper loading of a moving truck can lead to your items being damaged.  In this article we will provide some tips on how to make loading the moving truck a little bit easier.

1. Make A Game Plan

Don’t make the mistake of waiting until the day you have to pack your moving truck to pack up all of your items.  In the weeks leading up to the move gather the boxes and moving supplies you will need.  Pack away all of your unneeded items before hand and put them in a convenient place for when it comes time to load, like a garage.

2. Load It Up

Before your Lock It Up, you’ll have to load it up.  Create an I pattern with your heaviest items; meaning  packed along the front wall, down the middle, and against the back wall.  This will provide the truck with the most balance.  Fill in the empty spaces to the sides with your lighter items.

3. Tie It Down

Make sure all of your items, particularly large items, are as secure as possible.  Use tie-downs, rope, and bubble wrap as need to make sure everything sits secure and snug.

4. Keep It Safe

Make sure to take breaks as need when loading and unloading your moving truck.  The process can be very tiring.  Make sure to stay hydrated and have water ready at hand, especially during the warmer months.

Follow these tips and have a great move!


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