How to Store and Pack Your Flat Screen TV

So, is it time to store and pack away your flat screen TV?  There are many factors that play into packing and storing a flat screen TV properly; its fragile screen, its peculiar shape, and its delicate electronic components.  Continue reading to learn how to properly pack and store your flat screen.

Packing Your Flat Screen:

  • Do you still have the original packaging for the TV?  If you do, excellent.  Simply place the TV back in the packing sleeve, place the Styrofoam inserts in the proper position around the TV, slip the TV in the original cardboard box, and just like that you are ready to move on to Storing Your Flat Screen.
  • Don’t have the original packaging?  Don’t fret.  Wrap your TV in a moving blanket, a soft fleece blanket, or a comforter.  After wrapping the TV, secure the blanket with rope, twine, or bungee cords.  Make sure it is not tied too tight, but tight enough that it is secure.  After securing the blanket, place the TV in a slim cardboard box that will limit movement.  At Lock It Up we offer a wide variety of boxes to help suit your needs.

Storing Your Flat Screen:

  • The three most important things in business are location, location, location.  This is also true with storing your flat screen.  To guarantee the safety of your flat screen, we suggest storing in a Climate Controlled unit.  This will protect the TV from fluctuating weather that can be harmful to the TV’s electronic components.
  • Flat screen should be stored elevated and upright.  Store your TV on a pallet to keep it off the ground.  Placing the TV between two other pieces of furniture of boxes will keep it upright and prevent it from falling.

If your have any additional questions about storing your flat screen TV, leave us a comment below or contact us at any of our locations.

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