College Students

Do you need a little extra space now that you are away at college? Did you just get offered an internship and need to move in a hurry? Are you going to study abroad for a few semesters and need to store your items while you are away? Or maybe you are the parent of the student and would like to keep your child’s belongings safe and secure while they are away? Lock It Up Self Storage can help you with that.

With month-to-month terms and a large range of unit sizes, Lock It Up Self Storage is the ideal solution for the college student in need of storage.

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Consider the following tips when storing as a college student:

  • Store items you don’t need right now

Storing furniture, hobby related items, and collections are excellent candidates to be placed in storage, as you probably won’t need them or have space for them while you are at school.

  • Store your school papers and files

Save room by storing school papers and legal documents that you will need in the future, but don’t have space for right now.

  • Use storage as an “off season” closet

Dorm rooms can have small closets. Store your winter and summer clothing when it isn’t being used.

Contact a manager at Lock It Up Self Storage for more help on storing as a college student.

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